Specific orientation "coronavirus"
15 May-31 Dec 2020 PARIS (France)

Project submission procedure

The procedure for submitting a project is as follows :

  1. If you do not already have an a sciencesconf.org account, kindly create one here: https://www.sciencesconf.org/user/createaccount
  2. Download and complete the template found here. https://dim1health2020p.sciencescall.org/resource/page?id=8&forward-action=page&forward-controller=resource&lang=en 
  3. After completing the document, please submit your project on the sciencesconf DIM 1Health website
  4. You should recieve an email confirmation from the sciencesconf platform that you project has been submitted

Projets must be submitted on this platform before 15 May 2020 at midnight.

Given difficulties in obtaining signatures from institute financial services with the gradual resumption of activities, the letters of financial commitment for DIM1HEALTH files may reach until June 30, 2020 regardless of the filing of the scientific file on May 15, 2020. The signatures of the financial services will be sent to DIM1HEALTH@anses.fr


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